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NGC7000 Ha filter Master Light Frame - 30 X 240s exposures

I used 60 DARKs, 60 flats by filter, 60 Dark Flats for calibration. Calibration, Star Alignment and stacking with PixInsight
ORION EON 115mm with ASI1600MM-C with 36mm ZWO 7nm Ha, OIII, SII, Lum filters - image capture with Sequence Generator Pro
ORION HDX-110 EQ-G with ORION 70mm/ASI290MM for guiding with PHD2.

The diffraction/interference pattern seen in the Ha Master Flat did not fully calibrate out from the light frame, but since the Ha intensity was so bright in this target, it is less noticeable than for the SII filter. The same artifacts are visible in each light frame.

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