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Mars :July 2003

Mars :July 2003

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    Great detail. What telescope was used in the making of this image?
    Ken, Thank you for the compliment. I am not much of a photographer but I got lucky on this one. I held my daughters digital Sony camera up to the eyepiece. The scope is a homemade 10" f/5.7 Dobsonian. The primary mirror was ground, polished and figured in my basement back in 1982. There is a photo of it in my gallery. Thanks again. Frank :)
    that's awesome for a handheld camera shot!
    Kris, I am no astrophotographer but on that clear and steady night with that old manual digital camera of my daughters, I got a few good shots back in 2003. I think she still has the camera but she is 2000 miles from me now. I kept the exposure short 1/15sec and squeezed the shutter between heartbeats. Frank :)
    I must agree, it's very nice!
    Steve, Thanks, Got my greatest looks at Mars ever that year. Made a few sketches and even tried for a few photos. This was the only one I liked. Frank :)

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