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Heart & Fishhead Nebulae




Heart & Fishhead Nebulae

First go at Bi-Color Narrow band image processing. I was shut out that evening due to a cloud bank that came in hence the short number of Oiii. I have only been using a dedicated astro cam since the end of Jan this year instead of my usual non modded Nikon dSLR's. I am enjoying the ease with which Narrow band and a dedicated mono astro camera allow over that of the dSLRs. I wish I had gone this route back when I started in Aug of 2016.
30 x 120 Ha
15 x 180 Oiii
15 dark 15 bias
Stacked in DSS
post processed in Corel PSP2018
Non guided

AT72ed with 0.8X FF/R
ZWO asi 1600mm Pro
ZWO efw mini
AVX with Starsense
SG Pro

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