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Cone, ChristmasTree Foxfur 021718




Cone, ChristmasTree Foxfur  021718

Had a bit of fun last evening, Here is a wide field photo of the Foxfur Nebula structure. I used a Nikon 180mm f/2.8 MF lens connected to the sai 1600mm Pro/efw and imaged it in Narrowband with the Ha filter. Had to toss a few frames because of Satellites & planes . . . grrr. I am planning to do a few more targets like this.
180mm F/2.8 manual focus lens
ZWO asi 1600mm Pro with EFW & NB set Lum, Ha, Oiii, Sii
AVX non-guided

SG-pro , DSS, Corel PSP2018

- Gain = 300
- Light 180 sec X 10
- Dark 10
- Bias 10

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