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Sky90 w/reducer (405mm f4.5) E200 Exposure 20min Processed in Photoshop

    That is a great picture. I wish I could take a picture of M45 but my CCD can not capture the color because the stars are too bright. Charles
    Oct 26 2003 09:33 PM
    Hi, Used your picture to verify the diagram TheSky shows when I zoom in. I went to 14 mag which showed most of the faint stars in your picture. I checked a small area below Alcyone and TheSky matched your diagram star for star. It is good to know that TheSky is very accurate. Thanks. Blair.
    Sorry I haven't been checking these boards :p Thanks all your comments!
    Really tight tracking, what EQ you using?
    Excellent pic!
    Wow! That image is about as good as it gets. Magnificent.
    Nice & sharp picture!!!

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