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Dr. John Kroon


Using my Canon t3i and my Orion SkyQuest xx14g along with tube extenders and a 2.5x powermate barlow by Televue, I took this image of M42. It is significantly zoomed in since my telescope is a 1650mm f/4.6 and my camera has 5184x3456 pixels I believe at 18MP gives an image size of 0.77x0.52 degrees. The Orion nebula is much larger than that. So, I've missed a lot of nebulosity and the running man nebula up top as well as some of the lower fainter portions. I couldn't do more than 30 sec exposures because 1) the wind 2) alt/az and 3) hadn't yet obtained the cable so that I can go into bulb mode and do longer than 30 sec exposures. More to come as I improve. Let this be a basis for discerning my improvement over the coming years.

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