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Crater Schickard

Crater Schickard

Crater Schickard as it appeared to me 11/4/2006 from 2:11-3:15 UT Colongitude 70.5 W Lunation 12.9 days Illumination 97% Seeing Pickering 5 10" f5.7 Dob at 233X

    Fantastic Schickard Frank! clearly shows the differentiation of the mare lavas on the floor of this beautiful walled plain. Superb work! Rich
    Rich, Thank you. I spent a little more time with this sketch than with others. Frank
    Nice sketch.
    Bob, Thank you. I had a great view of this large crater on that night. I had to sketch it. Frank :)
    Great Sketch! It looks very 3-d.
    Brandon, Thank you. This is a great large crater with a magnificent floor. Frank :)

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