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WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi

WO Z73 / SW AZ GTi

William Optics Zenithstar 73
WO 50mm Guidescope
SkyWatcher AZ GTi Mount

    Dec 10 2018 09:20 AM
    Wow David, great setup, congrats! Is not too much weigth for the mount? How does the guiding perfom? , can you take frames for more than 3 min?

    Thanks, I really enjoy this setup.  A few changes since this picture.  I've switched out the SW Latitude Base for the iOptron Base, I find it just bit more stable, although the SW product wasn't bad.  Also added Primeluce Labs Sesto Senso Robotic Focuser, which works really great on this scope.


    I run 15lbs, which includes the counterweight, and everything work great.  Polar Alignment is quick and easy,  Guiding has been easy with PHD2, no hiccups or problems.  I just entered my particulars into PHD2 and pretty much use the defaults. I've done 10, 15, and even 20 minute exposures without any troubles.  The only subs I drop are due to airplane interference :)  I've never had a guiding issue with those exposures.

    Dec 10 2018 02:04 PM
    Wow 20minutes, that is pretty amazing consider the mount is at maximun capacity. How do you do the polar alignment, do you use sharpcap or another software?

    Sharpcap yes.  I've used PHD2 drift alignment as well, but honestly Sharpcap is very quick and easy, and more than accurate enough to get my PA error below my imaging resolution.  Great piece of software.  Polar Align, Focus, Platesolve, Calibration Frames, Stacking... the only thing I go out of Sharpcap for is PHD2 guiding.

    Dec 11 2018 06:40 AM

    And do you consider to get the ASIAIR to simplify your entire procces?

    I do have the ASIAIR, and while it has just recently received an update which allows it to work with the AZGTi wirelessly, it is still a very new product and doesn’t quite fit my needs yet.  I still continue to follow it’s development and familiarize myself with it’s features.  Stellarmate is a much more robust and mature product, so at this time it’s a much better Raspberry Pi solution.  However, I use an Ockel Sirius A Pro Windows computer for when I want a remote solution, which runs all the software I like best (Sharpcap, PHD2, Sequence Generator Pro, etc)

    Jan 02 2019 09:18 PM

    Hi again David, how are you?

    Which counterweigh bar do you use? I read the bar that comes with the  StarAdventurer mount has a different thread

    The screw socket in the AZGTi accepts an M12 thread.


    You can find long M12 bolts at the hardware store.

    You can use an M12 to M8 bushing and use the M8 shaft from StarAdventurer.

    I use the M12 shaft and counterweight from an old Orion MinEQ mount (EQ1).

    Hi David,
    A good looking set up. I have the AZGTI wifi mount and am trying to use it in EQ mode. I find a problem with the bolts jamming when slewing but maybe this is less of a problem with the WO wedge. Also please may I ask how you guide as the AZGTI has no ST4 port or normal USB connection. Do you also use a handset and connect the guide cable to the handset or have you connected the cable to the hand control socket on the mount? Or is there perhaps something in ASI Air settings I have missed?
    Many thanks for posting the photos, they helped a lot.

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