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Leo Triplet via Ekos

Leo Triplet via Ekos

    How has your experience been withe EKOS/RasPi/KStars? I've never been able to get it to work with my Canon6D & Orion SSAG, but I'm hoping I can do so once I get ZWO cameras instead.

    Jun 18 2018 07:33 AM

    There's been a learning curve for sure.  I started with a Canon t4i and it wasn't that hard to get everything working.  GPhoto Canon driver should get that 6D working in no time.  One thing I've noticed since switching to the ASI071 Pro are the incredibly fast download speeds (2 seconds) to get an image to the pi versus the dslr download speed.  Post your problems in the indilib forum along with any debugging reports (very useful to the group).   I'm sure they can have you up in no time.

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