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WO Z73 / SW AZGTi / Sesto Senso

WO Z73 / SW AZGTi / Sesto Senso

William Optics ZenithStar 73 - Sesto Senso Focuser - Flattener - Filter Wheel - ZWO ASI294MC Pro
WO 50mm Guidescope - ASI290MM Mini
SkyWatcher AZ GTi Mount - Latitude Base for EQ Mode - Counterweight
MS Surface Pro running SynScan, Sharpcap, PHD2, SestoSenso

    Could you please answer how good the tripod bears with this load? I plan buy such tripod for Star Adventurer mount with 70ED, 0,8x flattener, Canon 650D and 50mm guide. What do you think will the tripod be suitable for my case? Thank you in advance.

    Since you listed both a Canon, and a Guidescope, it sounds like you plan to do imaging.... yes, i think the tripod would work for you just as it does for me.   I get very little shake even when I go visual, and nothing at all noticeable when I’m imaging.  It sounds like you will have roughly the same weight and size I do, so I’m sure you would be happy with it.

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    Yes, I am plan to do images. Thank you for quick and clearly reply.

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