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Comet Hale/Bopp 1995c

Comet Hale/Bopp 1995c

4 bow shock wave hoods visible ahead of the comet nucleus the evening of March 26th 1997 7:15pm local time. Sketched using 18" f/4.8 Dobsonian at 71X

    Beautiful! Hale-Bopp's hoods were such a blast to observe and sketch.
    Janis, I agree. I had trouble deciding how to observe this comet because every magnification and aperture gave you another awesome view. Frank :)
    I recall those now shocks with my 70mm and I promised myself despite the cold one night is drag out the reflector. Lol it never happened - and Ive always regretted it. Thanks for the vicarious observing experience!
    Pete, I remember well how surprised I was to see those hoods. One of those great moments you never forget. Frank :)

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