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NGC7023 20180608 Eon130 QHY163M FF LRGB2 03


NGC7023 20180608 Eon130 QHY163M FF LRGB2 03

Finally got a few hours of clear sky after several weeks.
NGC7023 Iris Nebula shot in LRGB + Ha
Orion Eon 130, Eon field flattener, Sesto Senso focus motor
QHY163M camera, QHY 2" filter wheel
Orion 80mm guidescope/SSAG
HDX110 mount
Minix mini PC
2.5 hours of 120 sec lum and 180 color
Acquired with SGP, processed in DSS, PI, PS7
Now that I have reliable focus offset data for the filters I shoot a few frames of each color and rotate through. I've had a few nights ruined
by clouds moving in after I've shot 2 or 3 colors. This time I had data for all colors when it went overcast 2 hours before daybreak

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