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M13 Oddities

astrophotography beginner dslr imaging refractor

M13 Oddities

Crop of M13 image.

Taken on May 4/5, 2018

Scope: ES102ED
Hotech SCA Flattener
Camera: Pentax K3II
Guide: Orion 50mm w/ ZWO ASI120MM-S, PHD2

Lights: 62 total, 60s @ ISO400
Darks: 10 total, 60s @ ISO400
Flats: 10 total, 60s @ ISO400
Bias: 10 total, 1/8000s @ ISO400

Reprocessed on 06-17-18
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
Processed in Photoshop CC w/ Astronomy Tools Action Set

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