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Saturn 10/15/03

Saturn 10/15/03

14.5" Starmaster , Toucam Pro Webcam , 5x Powermate , 345 frames stacked in K3CCDtools , processed in Imagesplus and photoshop7

    You're getting some beautiful planetary pictures with that Starmaster Wes! Charles
    Hi Charles, Thanks! As I am sure you are well aware of the seeing makes all the difference , I was out just last night and the seeing was very bad and I did not get anything worth processing . Wes
    Looks like a hubble shot!
    Ive got a Hubble picture on my wall that dosent look a whole lot better just a tad more ring and cloud detail is all, unbelievable pics from that big reflector! Hope you keep them coming please!
    Indeed impressing!! Pictures like yours make one love this hobby - and try to do better! Steno
    Chris Graham
    Jun 19 2004 05:12 AM
    Amazing image!
    Brilliantly captured!
    Please do us all a favor....teach us how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wes, i think you have secret access to the Hubble!

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