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Saturn big 10/23/03

Saturn big 10/23/03

14.5" Starmaster , Toucam Pro Webcam , 5x Powermate , 810 frames stacked in K3CCDtools , processed in Imagesplus and photoshop7

    Nov 24 2003 11:20 AM
    Just like a text-book image, brilliant!
    Sweeet !!!!!!!!
    Beautiful Job!!
    :jawdrop: Wow!! Amatuer photos don't get any better than this! Excellent! Excellent!
    You make me jealous
    Sep 25 2004 05:39 PM
    This photo is amazing, Hubble isn't much better than this! I really want to take astrophotos soon with my 8 inch dob and afocal projection with a 4megapixel digital camera - i doubt i'll ever get anywhere near this quality - many congrats!
    nice shot!
    Rick Needham
    May 15 2006 08:01 PM
    Awesome shot!
    that is just incredible!! :)

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