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Jupiter and Io .JPG

Jupiter and Io .JPG

Sketching and Equipment:

Date and Time: July 31, 2018: 8:15pm local time
Graphite pencils: HB and B on white copy paper
Gimp2 was used to cut and paste the sketch to a black background
Telescope: 10” f5.7 Dobsonian scope on an equatorial platform. Using a 6mm eyepiece (241x) and a Neodymium filter.
Seeing : Pickering 6/10
Transparency: 3/5 Temperature 34ᵒ C (94ᵒF)
Visual Mag. -2.2
Dia. : 37.84”
Distance: 5.2 AU
Alt. 36ᵒ; Az. 210ᵒ
Frank McCabe :)

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