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My First Astrophoto

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Alen Koebel

My First Astrophoto

Like many, my first astrophoto was of the moon. This was taken in 1977 using my then-new 35mm SLR camera through my then-new refractor. I was, of course, ecstatic to get this result. Today, anyone can do far better with a point-and-shoot camera aimed into the eyepiece, such as some of the other lunar photos I have posted here. This image is a flatbed scan of a print I made back when I did my own darkroom work (the Stone Age!).

_Imager: Zenit E 35mm film camera, Tri-X B&W film. _Scope: 60mm f/15 department store refractor using a cheap Kellner eyepiece of unknown focal length (afocal method). _Exposure: 0.5 second. _Guiding: n/a (scope on equatorial mount w/o motor, camera on separate tripod). _Date: Winter 1977. _Location: Kitchener, Ontario.

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