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Alen Koebel


Globular cluster M22. This is a full-frame image on 35mm slide film. M22 is actually brighter than M13 but its location in the galactic plane makes it seem less bright. Its low declination from northern latitudes doesn't help. Note the distinctly yellow color of its stars, which is not just an artifact of its low declination viewed from 44 degree latitude. _Imager: Olympus OM-1, Fuji Provia 400F 35mm slide film, scanned at 4,032 x 2,688 (10.8 MP). _Scope: Meade LXD55 6-inch f/5 Schmidt-Newtonian on Vixen GP-DX with SkySensor 2000PC. _Exposure: Single, 22 minutes. _Guider: Manually guided using 80mm f/5 guidescope. _Date: August 5, 2005. _Location: Near Ayton, Ontario, Canada.

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