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M8, M20 & M21

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Alen Koebel

M8, M20 & M21

This is a full-frame image on 35mm slide film taken through a 6-inch f/5 telescope. The blue sensitivity of the film I used wasn't all that great compared to its red sensitivity and as a result the refection nebula part of the Trifid (M20) hasn't come through here nearly as well as I had hoped. It's just barely there! The lab that developed it may have also used "tired" chemicals, which was known to cause a similar color problem. That's one of the variables we suffered with film!

_Imager: Olympus OM-1, Elite Chrome 200 35mm slide film pushed one stop, scanned at 4,032 x 2,688 (10.8 MP). _Scope: Meade LXD55 6-inch f/5 Schmidt-Newtonian on Vixen GP-DX with SkySensor 2000PC. _Exposure: Single, ~20 minutes. _Guider: Manually guided using 80mm f/5 guidescope. _Date: August 8, 2007. _Location: Near Ayton, Ontario, Canada.

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