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Moon Aug 18 2018

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Alen Koebel

Moon Aug 18 2018

A quick moon shot. Literally. I uploaded this only a couple of hours after taking it. Cropped and sharpened from the in-camera JPEG in Irfanview. (Note that the moon's image in the frame was small; only 1,300 pixels high out of 4,000 in the 24 megapixel frame.) I have not changed the color, unlike earlier moon photos that I converted to black-and-white; this is exactly how it looked visually (it was very low in the sky). Note that I used only the camera's built-in 2-second timer to eliminate any vibration from my finger on the shutter release. As it turns out, on the K-3II this drive mode also pre-raises the mirror, avoiding vibration from mirror slap as well. (There is still some vibration from the shutter itself.)

_Imager: Pentax K-3II DSLR. _Scope: Tripod mounted Phoenix 80S 80mm f/6 "semi-APO" (ha ha) refractor @ prime focus. _Exposure: 1/4 second at ISO 400. _Date: August 18, 2018. _Location: Waterloo, Ontario.

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