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Storms on Saturn

Storms on Saturn

This is a Saturn globe enlargement of a Saturn image I took on 10/23/03, it shows at least two storms (see arrows) Thanks, Wes

    Wes, You have posted some of the most amazing pics I have seen not only in this forum but anywhere! I'm planning on buying a 14.5-inch Starmaster also and was wondering if you have go-to then track on yours or do you use an EQ platform? Thanks and keep up the great job. Sam
    Hi Sam, Thanks! When the seeing is good the Starmaster will certainly get the job done. I have the goto and track and it works fine for imaging planets . Wes
    This is a really impressive picture!
    Scott Beith
    Feb 22 2004 05:46 PM
    Wes, That is simply amazing!!! I have never seen a pic taken by an amatuer that looks like that! Very impressive Sir.
    Oct 11 2004 03:10 AM
    Wes, will the Starmaster outperform a Celestron 14 CGE given equal weather conditions and user expertise?
    Alegator, If the 14 CGE has good optics and is well collimated and has cooled down enough then I would say no the Starmaster will not out perform it. Thanks, Wes
    Wes, besides the Starmaster, what additional equipment are you using to capture these fabulous pictures? If you could be specific regarding eyepieces, adapters, camera, guiders, software, etc etc. I'm planning to upgrade my scope and need the complete shopping list! Thanks!!
    Alegator, For my planetary images I use a Toucam Pro webcam and a 5x Televue Powermate. For my Lunar images I use a DMK-21F04 Firewire camera and a 5x Powermate. I capture images with K3CCDtools and process with Registax, Imagesplus, Adobe Photo Shop Ver 7. I use no eyepiece in my imaging, I insert the camera adapter into the 5X Powermate. Thanks, Wes Higgins
    Wes, thanks for the info.I'm still in the endless search for the right purchase decision. What's your opinion as to planetary/lunar imaging with a good Tak refractor vs CAT's? Thanks and regards.

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