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Soul Nebula Core Bi-color test starless

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Kevin Morefield

Soul Nebula Core Bi-color test starless

This is the heart of the Soul Nebula - a bi-color Ha/OIII blend that was supposed to be a test. My plan was/is to capture about 25 hours of SHO data but I wanted to see how the data would combine before collecting any SII and half of the Ha. So 7.3 hours of Ha and 3.3 hours of OIII here.

I removed the stars partly to test a workflow I'm settling on for star removal and partly to see what it would look like. I removed the stars in PS by using Color Range - Highlights to select the brightest stars, then expanding the selection and doing a "Fill". The remainder of the stars were removed with the Spot Healer and some with Clone Stamp.

I like the result but I think I'll still capture the full SHO to see what this does.

It's tempting to expand this to a mosaic of the full Soul Nebula but man that is daunting to thing about.

Planewave CDK14, SBIG STX 16803, Paramount MEII

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