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AN/PVS-7 Night Vision Astronomy

binoculars NV optics eyepieces

AN/PVS-7 Night Vision Astronomy

AN/PVS-7D with c-mount adapter


    how the bino view compared to the monocular ?

    i have to choose one or the other and im lost :) 

    Go with whichever one has the better performing tube and which system produces a better view. If you can't personally compare them, ask the seller which produces better views of the night sky, both H-a filtered and non-filtered, then trust that the assessment is true. 
    In general, if one were to be able to swap tubes say between a PVS-7 and PVS-14, the views through the PVS-14 would be slightly sharper with greater visual acuity. A great tube in a PVS-7, will enable the system to outperform a PVS-14 with a moderately good tube. 
    If your in Europe or somewhere outside of the US, you can find accessories for the PVS-7, such as c-mount adapters etc... here: https://m-o-p-s.com/...7 Optikadapter"

    Thanks for the feedback Cnoct

    Here is a picture of the beast : https://ibb.co/MR2KpTP

    A bi ocular PVS-7B/D housing

    And yes it has a better performing tube than the monocular.

    that c-mount adaptator in your link would do the job ? :)

    Right, so now just have faith in the seller whom I believe is very informed and honorable. 


    The only other thing to consider with the bi-ocular vs monocular is whether you must wear glasses when using the devices. Both have diopter adjustments which will accommodate most diopters of correction but you may be one who's diopter falls outside that which those system accommodate. The monocular will be more forgiving and much more comfortable if you need to wear glasses. Just something to consider. 

    Yes, just checked an old thread talking about a 15mm eye relief (compared to the 25mm of the other housing). I indeed wear glasses but can do without it when observing. I’ll go with the bi-ocular for more confort and see if it can focus into my TV 76mm (i had to use glasspath to reach focus with classic binoviewers)

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