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Photonis XP6 INTENS 4G


Photonis XP6 INTENS 4G

NAN Complex with Photonis XP6 INTENS (4G)
Astrodon 5nm H-a filter

    Jan 09 2020 04:25 PM

    Hello Cnoct..

    We chatted years ago about my new PVS7 unit and info I needed on it. Thanks again for that. However, I am amazed that no one has comment on your stunning photos here. Specially the North Amer / Pelican Nebula- unbelievable detail and structure for this area, with a NV device! 


    Toward the end of this photo series you have a pic of 

    Litton PVS7 Photonis XD 4-- Tube, how does that compare to the Photonis XP6(P45) W -- intens 4G tube? Or are they one in the same unit?

    Can one obtain this superb Tube for oneself here in USA?  I have a PVS 7D with standard Green omin V series. Would love to upgrade to these White Phosphor tubes.

     sincerely Dennis of Arizona, USA

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