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NGC185 20181111 RC10 QHY183M LR BG OAG 01




NGC185 20181111 RC10 QHY183M LR BG OAG 01

Orion 10" RC, QHY183M, LRGB, HDX 110 mount.
There are many beautiful and fascinating objects in the night sky, but this isn't one of them.
This spectacular waste of integration time is a dwarf galaxy that is part of our local group of galaxies.
A virtual stain on the universe, it is a satellite galaxy of Andromeda and is populated by older stars with
little or no new star formation.
It may be populated with ancient civilizations, possibly advanced. Or they may have died out of boredom eons ago.
Traveling at the speed of light, in two-point-something million years the first episodes of the Brady Bunch will arrive in
this galaxy.
Then they might decide to attack us, or just watch while we crash into Andromeda thinking we deserved it.

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