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Kevin morefield


This is started out as one of the early images I was shooting with the Planewave and STX. I tried to fit M81 and M82 in the same frame with both in the corner. Bad idea....
After starting over twice with a focus just on M81, due to registration problems, I found the only part of the of the original data I could use was the core. I almost always use a Super-luminance of all color and luminance subs and I did here as well. So that core includes data from at least 35 hours of subs. But the rest of the galaxy is a Super-luminance of the sharpest half of the Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue subs. Ha was used to enhance the nebulae - I added it in photoshop as a colorized layer in lighten mode.
One goal I had when processing was to get detail out of the core while retaining the "domed" look that it has naturally. By that I mean the core is thicker than the spiral arms and I wanted to make sure it looked that way.
Given the depth of the Super-Luminance data, I have a good base to add IFN data later. But for now I just want to have a COMPLETED M81!

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