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Jupiter | 2018-07-22 3:42 UTC | RGB


Ethan & George Chappel

Jupiter | 2018-07-22 3:42 UTC | RGB

Seeing was above average, but I think small details were blurred by micro-turbulence.


  • The North Temperate Belt is thin.
  • The North Equatorial Belt is covered with small rift-like features.
  • White Oval Z is rising.
  • The Equatorial Zone is orange.
  • The Great Red Spot is about to set.
  • Oval BA is much paler than the GRS.
Telescope: Celestron C14 EdgeHD
Camera: ZWO ASI290MM
Barlow: Astro-Physics Advanced Convertible Barlow
Filters: Chroma Red, Chroma Green, Chroma Blue

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