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Orion revisited

Orion revisited

Last night I was having trouble with my Dec tracking, think it was just to cold for the mount. So I just ran over to Orion for the last hour before I called it. I use a Williams Optics Z103 on a StarWatcher EQ5 and a Atik Horizon OSC, and a Astronomy Hydrogen &Oxygen Nebula LPF Improved >95%T Ha&b the you can find on Ebay for $165, a lot less than a OPT Triad Filter, this one has improved LED light rejection, I shot the last image of Orion with the same filter without the added LED rejection. I use the Atik Infinity software and have been trying to figure out custom settings for the camera I usually shoot on the low gain setting for more dynamic range and set exposure so the major rise is at the 1000 mark, the histogram usually runs about a 1/4 of the scale but stretches nicely, if less than 1000 I would see dark bands in the dark part or the image, sometimes darks can remove them sometimes not, but peaking at 1000 climates them. I been experimenting with the custom settings this last week Atik told my 1 is low 15 is medium 30 is high gain and is set to each camera at the factory for each sensor, I have been shooting at 5 - 6 this week, last night I set it at 0 and found that the histogram stretched from 200 to 65000 the full range, the dynamic range was incredible I only shot 14 images for this at 240 seconds, no darks, base processed in Pixinsight then stretched in Nebulosity creating 3 tiffs of 3 different tonal ranges then combining them into a HDR image. I see a vast improvement in tonal range. final processing was only about 1 hour. I telling you all this because when I look at how others are using this camera they are shooting at the medium gain setting and peaking the histogram at 1000. Like I have said before been doing this for just over a year and by no means I can say I know what I am doing there are far more experienced people out there, but a lot like me who struggle to figure it all out, I spend more time on the internet reading and watching YouTube videos than shooting and processing. When I do find something out or make a discovery I don't mind sharing, I have had over the last year so much trouble with PHD2 working one day but not the next, and there is only 1 video saying to toss the on camera cable to the mount and go camera to computer computer to hand controller, works every time no failures, what a waste of a year of imaging FWHM 2.9 to 3.9 over 6000 seconds on my best day before was 4.5 at 120 seconds, one piece of information that took a year to find.

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