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Rosette Ha 020519




Rosette Ha 020519

Had a few hours of clear skies last night. I used my new AT92 (first light for the new scope). I did a quick setup (it was 10:30 PM) and PA. The AT92 was on my lighter AVX mount . . I used my ZWO 1600mm-pro, mini EFW, AT2FFand did a imaging run in Ha to get a feel for how the scope imaged. 28 x 180sec light frames, 10 dark, bias frames. a quick stack in DSS and a trim in PSP as the rig was non guided, needless to say I am really really impressed with the rig and the AT92, I am really going to enjoy this APO.
the image is downsized and converted to jpg so a tiny amount of degradation but you can see the results.

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