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Rosette Nebula WIP 1

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Rosette Nebula WIP 1

Work in progress. Taken with an Astro-Tech AT72EDII and stock Canon T7i. Guided on a Sky-Watcher EQM-35. Stacked in DSS and processed with StarTools. The stars turned out a bit bloated so I'm wondering if my focus accidentally got knocked out of whack. I was fumbling around for 2 hours (lost precious time to take more lights) trying to get the GoTo to work properly, I may be entering my location or time info wrong, but I'm very impressed with this mounts capabilities so far. Not having a field flattener yet is kind of a bummer, but hey, baby steps. I'm not sure if processing brought in that blue color or if it's because of a lack of data but I plan on adding more to it when time permits.

Lights - 22 x 5 min
Darks - 12
Flats - 35
Bias - 36

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