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Jupiter animated with moons

Jupiter animated with moons

My second attempt at imaging Jupiter with my new Celestron Evolution 6" Alt-Az SCT, 2x Celestron Barlow and Canon 700D DSLR. 1200 images taken per minute every 10 minutes with "Backyard EOS", ISO 100, 1/60 sec exposure, stacked with Autostakkert, sharpened with Registax, processed in Photoshop Elements.

    It’s great. There are many, many more technically superior images/animations here on CN, but that’s not the point of all of this. Yours is really nice, and with a 6” scope to boot. I have yet to get anything close to this. What’s your latitude?

    Hi Kevin, thanks for your comments. One of the questions I had when I started this was "Why am I interested in doing this, does the world really need more low quality images of the planets when mankind has already sent billion dollar satellites to visit them to do this properly?" After I decided that "Yes, the world does need more low quality photos like mine", I set out to make mine the best I could :). I'm in Melbourne Australia, latitude 37.8 degrees South, and just set up in my backyard. I waited about a month for the skies to clear when the GRS was transiting, the transit of Ganymede was just a bonus.


    I'm still quite amazed at what photo stacking can accomplish, especially when I look at the sub-frames. The image of Saturn I took 2 nights ago came from sub-frames where you could barely see the Cassini division in the rings, I just about fell off my chair when the stacked frame came back from Autostakkert. A little sharpening in Registax and voila!



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