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My new wooden legs

My new wooden legs

I finally replaced my aluminum legs and am very happy. Just showing off my pride and joy...

    Where did you get those beautiful wooden legs? Did you build them?
    I saw the title and thought maybe you'd had some kind of freak accident. Glad it's your tripod that got the new wooden legs. :D
    haha..no..I bought those legs off of AM.
    Very nice wood legs! Where did you get them? And what is the wood and the finish? thanks, robert (about to build some wood legs)
    Rob, if you are in the US you can purchase it from Hands On Optics for around $55 US. If you are in Canada you can buy these legs off Antares' dealers. Antares does offer two versions of this legs - Yellow Brown , Black. They are at $45 CDN. I personally got the black one for my AT1010 setup (in my photo gallery). The whole thing in black is very nice :-)
    nice. real Nice. I like that tripod
    I bought a scope on ebay - Celestron C6 with a Polaris mount like this. It will be more than a week before I receive it. I was surprised at the focuser which is on a slide with vernier scale. Can anyone tell me about anything about the scope and mount? - Ben
    Nice legs!
    Maybe we should call him peg leg from now on!!! ;^)
    Love those wooden legs.I know they must provide some extra stability for observing.

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