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M3 color-corrected

M3 color-corrected

M3, Globular Cluster- Color adjusted
Captured April, 2019
Image specs: 20 x 180" subexposure light frames at ISO200 , 0 dark frames (dithered), 40 flat frames, 125 bias frames. Total time ~57 minutes.

This image was taken from our Bortle red-orange zone front porch with a near full moon (and only about 20 degrees away from the target), while the cluster rose over the light dome of Washington DC proving that you can do (at least some) astrophotography in light pollution, with a full moon. The image is not nearly as deep as it would be with ideal circumstances, but neat to see what can be done with the given challenges of increasing light pollution and a moonlit night.

GSO RC-8" Ritchey-Chretien
Skywatcher EQ6-R Mount
Nikon D5300 modded
Orion .80 reducer and flattener
Orion Skyglow LP Filter 2"
Orion 50mm guidescope and camera

APT for capturing, EQMOD control, and Platesolving, PHD2 for autoguiding, DSS for Stacking, Startools for processing, and Lightroom CC for final revisons.

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