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Lightweight fully portable rig setup

dslr EAA

Lightweight fully portable rig setup

Here is the lightweight fully portable rig all setup. Usually the laptop is placed on any available camping table / car hood / anywhere within reach of the 15' DSLR cable length. I've even had it on my lap while reclining in a camping chair. Star Adventurer with built-in battery supply (lasted 6 five hour evenings before battery replacement). Canon 650d DSLR with the entry level kit zoom lens of 55mm-250mm (f/3.6-f/5.6). 2009 Macbook Pro 13" bootcamped to run AstroToaster. Very lightweight and portable. If camping or travel I usually take my DSLR, tripod and laptop anyway to get travel photos. So the Star Adventurer itself only requires a little bit of extra space in the luggage, and doesn't weigh much.

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