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Messier 51 and Companion NGC 5195

Messier 51 and Companion NGC 5195

Sketching and Equipment:

June 3, 2019: 21:30 pm local time
Close to home “dark site” Bortle 4

Graphite sketch ( 2B, 4B pencils on a white paper sketch pad) blending stumps, white Pearl eraser
Completed sketch Inverted using Gimp 2.8
Clip-on red flashlight. Equatorial platform, 16” f/4.41 homemade Dobsonian telescope 8mm eyepiece for 224x
Mostly clear skies, Phoenix light dome to the west
Seeing : 3/5
Transparency :4/5 at the zenith
Temperature: 25 ᵒ C (77ᵒ F)

Frank McCabe Posted Image

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