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NGC 5866

NGC 5866

Sketching: Date and Time: 7-2-2007, 3:30-4:00 UT Scope: 10” f/5.7 Dobsonian. 21mm and 12mm eyepieces 70x and 121x 8”x12” white sketching paper, B, 2B graphite pencils, scanned and inverted, star magnitude adjustments using Paint Seeing: Pickering 7/10 Transparency: above average 4/5 Nelm: 4.9

    Sep 27 2011 09:04 PM
    Nice one. 10" f/5.7 sounds like a nice scope.
    Thank you. I built this scope many years ago and it performs well to this day. I wish I lived a little closer to dark sky so I could use it and my 18" inch scope more for deep sky. Frank :)

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