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Jupiter | 2019-07-09 4:04 | RGB

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Ethan Chappel

Jupiter | 2019-07-09 4:04 | RGB

The third night of excellent planetary imaging, but also the third night of breezy conditions too intense for the CGEM DX and C14, so this is another session using the C8.


  • White Oval Z is approaching the central meridian.
  • The EZ, except the southern edge, is orange.
  • The Great Red Spot has a small flake on its western edge.
  • Two green-ish SEB rings are approaching the GRS from the east, carrying with them the potential for more flakes.
  • The STB contains a small white oval with a dark boundary.

Telescope: Celestron C8 EdgeHD
Camera: ZWO ASI290MM
Barlow: Astro-Physics Advanced Convertible Barlow
Filters: Chroma Red, Chroma Green, Chroma Blue


    Just plain awesome work on the whole album... I started to see the yellow and orange bands too in 2019...they just seemed to show up...

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