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850 4715 4158

850 4715 4158

Baader Vario Finder 61mm F4.13 (250mm FL). Equipped with a Baader QuickChanger to facilitate use of several T-2 diagonals. This scope is delivered with a 45 degree erecting prism and illuminated reticle eyepiece, not shown here. Shown with a Baader T-2 BBHS Sitall diagonal, helical focuser, and 14mm ES82 eyepiece. Baader reports the lens design is derived from the Zeiss Type "C" cemented doublet but no mention is made of the glass types. Presumably a conventional crown/flint doublet.

Note subtle channels in the body to accept the bracket's adjusting screws - this helps prevent the finder from sliding out of the bracket when adjusted. Dew shield telescopes and extends about 2 inches (50mm) past the objective. Focus is at the objective and by sliding the drawtube. Obvective focus is inconvenient, drawtube is not sufficiently precise to obtain critical focus easily, hence the helical focuser shown here. There are 4 additional grub screws that can fix (or adjust the sliding) of the drawtube, a nice touch - probably helpful when used as a guide scope.

Field curvature exceeds my eye's ability to accommodate when the selected eyepiece yields more than about 4 degrees true field of view (TFOV). Best eye[pieces have been the 20mm TV Plossl, 16mm ES 68 degree, 14mm ES 82 degree, and TV 13mm Nagler T6. Eyepieces like the 24mm ES68 and its cousin the Meade 24mm Series 5000 SWA yield wider TFOV but field curvature causes stars to become defocused from about 60% field radius.

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