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850 4716 4155

850 4716 4155

TS Optics B1060 Vario 60mm F4.13 (248mm FL) ED finder. This scope is delivered with a 45 degree erecting prism and illuminated reticle eyepiece, not shown here. Shown equipped with the TS visual back, GSO dielectric diagonal and BST 27mm FF eyepiece.

Focus is by sliding the draw tube. I may add a Baader QuickChanger so I can use a T-2 diagonal with a helical focuser as I do with the Baader Vario Finder. There appear to be 2 additional threaded holes to accept additional grub screws to fix or tighten the draw tube but no grub screws are provided other than the knurled one. The dewshield is telescopic but extends only about 18mm (3/4 inch) past the objective.

Have not tested yet,but I expect field curvature will result in the same preferred eyepieces as the Baader Vario finder. I'm curious how much benefit will result from the ED objective. Otherwise from specs and name - this is intended to compete with the Baader - and its substantially less expensive.

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