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850 4720 4165

850 4720 4165

Stellarview 50mm RACI finder. I believe this finder is made by KUO and uses a cemented binocular objective. SV published specs say 50mm F4 (200mm FL). (KUO is a prolific binocular manufacturer). This finder is seen in various guises with some differences, sold as an Apertura, Altair, WO, etc.
I've added a thumbscrew to allow locking the focus adjustment. on EQ mounts this and the other SV finders I have will rotate and defocus from the weight of the illuminator when the scope is in certain attitudes. These finders have a rotating back feature which makes use with EQ mounts convenient however the mechanical and prism alignment of the samples I have is not sufficient to maintain alignment when rotating the back/prism/eyepiece. I'm going to try to improve this - perhaps there is some practical way. The standard eyepiece has provision for an illuminator (as shown here) and separate reticle focus. Some years ago I tried several conventional eyepieces and did not find anything outstanding - I suspect the extreme field curvature on a 200mm FL scope is the main cause. The helical focuser has limited travel and a few eyepieces tried needed to be pulled out slightly to reach focus while leaving some helical focuser travel available for fine tuning. I use these with the standard eyepiece.

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