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8" Vega Mak-Newt

8" Vega Mak-Newt

Bierbelly's baby

    Feb 25 2004 02:04 AM
    That scope looks amazing! I especialy like the story behind it.
    Wow what a nice scope !! It's rarity makes my C 10 an almost every day find :) Vern
    Very very nice. Did I see this scope back in the 50's-60's in S&T.
    I believe so. The Vegas were being made at least as early as the early 60's and while I wasn't active in the field at that time (I was 6 in 1960), I have heard that they did advertise in S&T. I'd love to have a copy of one of their ads if you ever run across one. Tom
    Apr 06 2007 03:33 PM
    Sweet sweet scope. I'm jealous. Have you ever written an article or review about this scope? Regards, MikeG
    Mike, Look for a little info in the upcoming issue of that new telescope mag that's coming out. I was at WSP with it and was interviewed. Tom
    Never grow tired admiring this, thanks for the pic!
    I sure would love to buy it as soon as possible

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