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N891Dec18 20 45X360FF DF cropMEx15

N891Dec18 20 45X360FF DF cropMEx15

NGC891 45x6min subs taken over two nights, Dec 18 and Dec 19 2019 at the Arizona Sky Village. Images acquired, guided, stacked and processed in AstroArt7.
Taken through a 10in SCT at ~F7 using a Starizona .63x SCT reducer, on a CEM120, using an Orion Starshoot Pro V2 OSC camera. Guided off axis using a Hercules OAG and an ASI 120MM mini guide camera.

I think the focus could be a little tighter, but we had some high thin cloud roll through. I have been able to find a suitable guide star in every instance on the first try using the OAG and the 120mm mini despite the ~1800mm EFL.
Astroart 7's built in plate solving engine allows for almost all target objects to be precisely centred on the second goto after an initial slew and 10sec exposure, to allow for the plate solve. The AA7 Sequencer handled acquisition and autofocus while the built in star atlas gives essential data, such as culmination, rise and set times and allowd telescope goto to the target object.

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