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Stan Martin's D&G 11"

 Stan Martin

D&G Optical 11" F15 refractor: FL= 4090. The tailpiece includes a 4" AP focuser on a 6" diameter drawtube providing 14" of travel to allow the use of binoviewers and also 4" eyepieces. Also, the Argo Navis unit is mounted on the tailpiece. The mount is a converted gyroscope testing platform from M.I.T. built by AC Delco weighing about 1/2 ton. It's supported on a 24" diameter concrete pier.All wiring for dew heaters, DSCs, and drives are wired internally through the OTA and pier.

    Stan....Nice set up. I take it the walls are around 8' in height judging from the hinge and door knob dimensions. Mine are 8-1/2' of 8" concrete block. I store my dinky 8" f/13.3 under a flat ceiling looks like you store yours in the roof area. I like those pine floors and the tube strut! Stan is that a "servicing" platform for access to the objective end? Cheers Mike
    Oct 21 2007 11:57 AM
    Holy Smokes! Stan, you have exactly what I want one day. Mammoth high quality refractor in an observatory in a rural area. Superb! :)
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    Mike, Yes, the walls are 8 ft high. I built the roof with cathedral trusses so the ota tucks into the peak of the ceiling. This allows the building to look proportionally like a small barn. You have a good eye, that is a platform to access the objective. I have a smaller platform mounted to the gable which receives the front of the scope when stored. Before I built this observatory I had a D&G 8" F13 and it was anything but "dinky"! If I hadn't had the opportunity of housing the 11", I would have kept the 8" forever. I didn't see any pictures of your 8", who made the lens? Stan
    Stan.... The lens was handmade and polished in 1979 by the late R. E. Brandt. I have just currently overhauled it with new paint and Parallax rings. Dozens of new stainless steel fasteners too. It has a Jaegers 6" f/8 piggybacked. Also a Manon 2.4" f/11.7 with 10x50 findercope. The mount has 3" solid steel shafts riding in 4 huge pillow block bearings on two seperate 3/4" steel plates. Steel pier rising to 8 1/2' at the saddle base, mounted on a 22" square by 24" high concrete base. Hope to have pictures if I can figure out how to upload photos. I'm not computer savy and it was a bear just getting my little scopes into the Classics Gallery. It was such a hit and miss ordeal for me I don't know if I could repeat it. Mike
    Mike Clemens
    Jan 08 2008 06:52 AM
    absolutely incredible!
    This is gorgeous. It's about time people post projects created around their large refractors.
    Feb 18 2008 02:32 PM
    Who made the scope, and the mount? Awesome...truly awesome.
    The objective lens was figured by Barry Greiner with D&G Optical. I built the OTA. The mount was originally a testing platform from M.I.T. which I converted into this German Equatorial. Thank you very much, Stan
    Wow!! I'm spellbound...and dreaming :-)
    Serenity Now
    Mar 11 2008 07:13 PM
    This rig is just wonderful!! Barry of D&G is a true modern Master in Optics...I've owned D&G 5" f/12, now 6" f/15; I'm working/planning on an 8"...it just doesn't get any better than this:) Pat Kelly in Maryland @ BlueStar Observatory

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