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N 253

N 253

Taken with Tak FRC 300 F/5.9

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    The Best Scupltor Galaxy I have seen hands down! Charles
    Simply incredible!
    Thank you This is the first image that I got the color correct on. Mark
    It's the clarity of this and your other images that amazes me. It's so clean and crisp. I'm new to all this so can I ask what magnification it is? Darren
    Brilliantly captured!
    Wow- that is simply amazing. It has so much depth and texture, I feel like I could reach out and touch it. Great work!!! :)
    Jun 02 2008 02:36 AM
    Amazing! Suck beauty! Excellent work!
    One incredible image. You got more than the color correct IMO. Wow!
    Absolutely stunning!

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