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Tau CMa, HJ 2362 in NCG 2362

art cassegrain Celestron double star observing sketching

Tau CMa, HJ 2362 in NCG 2362

Here's another system, HJ 2362 in Canis Major, that's in the AstroLeague Multiple Star Observing Program. Stelle Doppie covers it here. I did this sketch back in December of 2015 with a C925/CGEM at the summit of Haleakala on Maui. This is a triple star, Mags. A, 4.4; B, 10.2; C, 11.2; D, 8.2. Seps are AB, 8.3"; AC, 14.2"; AD 84.8". PAs are AB, 90°; AC, 87°; AD, 77° This system is in the middle of an open cluster, NGC 2362.

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