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Buddy and me with club scope

Buddy and me with club scope

20" f/4.5 telescope built from scratch by club members. Primary mirror's final figuring done by Nova Optics (we tried!) Total instrument weight is 2,000 lbs. The mirror cell has water lines in it to accelerate cooling from the day's heat.

    Holy monkey! That, sir, is a mount.
    Beautiful scope! Would make a nice Dobsonian, too, by the looks of it. Most importantly, what are the views like though it?
    wow thats a monster of a scope!
    Aug 22 2006 09:31 AM
    Holy smoke's! Looks like you could put an elephant onto that mount and still have enough reserves for a guidescope!
    Paul Milligan
    Jan 09 2007 08:58 AM
    The scope is very impressive. The mount well I'm gobsmacked 'WOW' !!
    wow, that's quite a scope! :)
    Woah what are the views of sedna like =o lol.
    Wooow, that is a nice looking scope. What are the configurations of the optics like? Nice views I bet

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