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M65, 66, & NGC 3628 (21 Mar 04)

M65, 66, & NGC 3628 (21 Mar 04)

TOA-130, Reducer, Sbig 10xme. (RGB)Each channel = 5 x 5min 2x2 bin, (L)12 x 5min 1x1 bin Charles

    just gorgeous, Charles...probably the best photo I've ever seen of this trio...in any book. somehow...i find this photo to take on a very impressive 3-D quality. The cigar-one in upper right (3628, I think) looks like it's just floating there. it's very awe-inspiring. thanks for taking it and sharing. jeff
    Charles, Awesome. I agree with jmoore on the 3d quality - it's unreal how the galaxies just stand out in this photo. Allister
    Thanks All.. I really appreciate the comments. Charles
    Chris Graham
    Jul 11 2004 03:38 PM
    Great image!
    Oct 14 2004 08:29 AM
    That is just unbelieveable!
    Mar 01 2005 05:39 PM
    really nice pic....keep em coming....
    That is just sooooo nice!
    Sep 02 2012 09:30 AM
    Like that!

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