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Redcat 51 / AZGTi

Redcat 51 / AZGTi

William Optics Redcat 51
ZWO 30mm Ultra Mini Guide / ASI224MC
Skywatcher AZGTi

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    Hey David . Thatnks a lot for sharing this setup, I am trying to build something similar for eaa and some astrophotograpy. What is your opinion on that? how long can you guide with this setup and how easy is to set it up ? Greetings from Cyprus

    This setup works great.  The AZGTi handles this payload wonderfully, and can be guided all night with good polar alignment.  The ASIAIR Pro is great with EAA Live Stacking, totally wireless to the iPad for control/viewing.  I do both EAA and AP, and the ASIAIR makes it very easy and convenient to do both.


    I’ll be changing the guide scope out for an off-axis-guider as soon as it arrives, but either way works well.

    Wow, I'm building almost the exact same setup myself, the only difference being I'm using a CEM25P mount. For the EAF, where did you get the belt and the rest of the mounting hardware for it?

    You can get various sizes of GT2 Belts and Pulleys (these are often used in 3D Printers), from Amazon.  You can mount a pulley with a 5mm bore on the EAF shaft.  I went with a 60 tooth, 5mm bore pulley, and 10mm pulley/belt.  You can get a length of GT2 belt, and cut it to length depending on where you mount your EAF.  There are videos and DIY’s on YouTube on how to splice together a loop.


    Its basically the same kind of thing that DeepskyDad’s focuser uses, only with an EAF instead of his motor.  I wanted compatibility with the ASIAIR, so it just comes down to a little creative mounting for the EAF.

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    Hey David, I am just setting up my new AZGTI and the ASIAIR Pro, I was wondering since there is no ST4 port on AZGTI, is it required to connect my ASI120mm mini camera and guide scope.  In the past I used the ST4 port on my Skyguider Pro to connect to the Autoguider camera.  I assume to connect with usb connector to the ASIAIR Pro ?

    I am curious what all the connections you have coming out of your AZGTI ?  Really nice setup by the way, nice and clean.



    No ST4 port required.  The ASIAIR will send the mount guiding commands directly over it’s own connection (USB or Wireless) to the AZGTi.  A basic guiding setup would have the ASIAIR connected via USB to the guide cam, the main cam, and a connection to the mount.  The mount connection can be USB or Wireless.  I recommend USB with the AZGTi in order to avoid having to run at 2.4ghz wireless, but it will work either way.  You might have the additional EAF focused and/or Filter Wheel for USB connections as well.  As long as they are all connected to the AIR, it will work :)

    Perfect, thanks for the reply.  I will order the USB cable for the AZGTI. 

    Any link to the belt or the size you used?

    Jun 07 2021 01:13 PM

    How big of a counterweight did you use? Do you have a link to one that is compatible to the skywatcher kit you show?

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