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Four walls done for ROR observatory

Four walls done for ROR observatory

Looking thru ‘door’ opening (NE corner) towards lower 4-ft south wall (will now have 2-ft drop-down panel). Other walls are at 6-ft level. The ROR design has been revised as split sliding roof segments (to N and S) using two sets of 3ft sliders (which extend to 6 ft). I already bought an Aleko ar920 with gear track for motor automation (have v-track and v-groove rollers as well) that I was going to use with single 8-ft roof but now would need a second motor to operate other 4x8 panel. Wife didn’t like idea of 8-ft rolling roof over her garden or taking up yard space. The sliders are ‘concealed’ within roof structure and extend (600-lb rated per pair) so easily handle a 4x8 sub-panel of 8x8.

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