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Vintage Edmund Scientific RKE Eyepieces

Vintage Edmund Scientific RKE Eyepieces

Here is a complete set of vintage Edmund Scientific RKE eyepieces and the original case. Included are the 28mm, 21.5mm, 15mm, 12mm, and 8mm eyepieces plus the 2.5x barlow. These are the old style RKEs with adonized aluminum barrels. They are very well constructed oculars and have a very good reputation among many observers.

    I still use the 8mm, 12mm, 28mm and the Barlow. I did not know they were vintage. :) I guess I am getting old.
    Turned down a whole set for a very reasonable price a few years ago. Still kicking myself.
    Ian Robinson
    Sep 20 2009 10:10 AM
    Got a set of them too, complete with the box . No idea they were collectables .... guess I'm just showing MY VINTAGE....

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